Issues & Priorities

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As a twenty year resident of Brooklyn Park, I have worked tirelessly to create the Brooklyn Park we deserve — one that is prepared for the challenges of our future, and poised for the opportunities.

Public Safety

Police and Fire Departments that the community believes are there to serve and protect the community are necessary for public safety. Current initiatives are moving towards increased community engagement with proactive measures. I support effective public safety initiatives.

Financial Transparency

My six years on the city Budget Advisory Commission informs my belief that we need to reduce the tax burden on residents by diversifying revenue sources through strategic economic development.

Improved Quality of Water Services

I support getting state and federal funds to address water quality issues in the city.

Quality, Safe and Affordable Housing

I support city staff who work with landlords and tenants to ensure rental properties are safe, livable and affordable throughout the city.

Civility in City Government

I have decades of experience in business and government dealing with difficult issues while treating people with dignity and respect. I will bring that lived experience to the City Council.
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