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I am a twenty year resident of Brooklyn Park. During my time here I have worked tirelessly to create the Brooklyn Park we deserve — one that is prepared for
the challenges of our future, and poised for the opportunities.

Changes are happening rapidly throughout Minnesota and throughout the world.
We need proactive, expert leadership that will plan for change instead of react to it.

People who will lead us to a thriving, vibrant, inclusive and successful future.
I ask you for your vote to Brooklyn Park City Council, Central District.

Meet Teshite.

Teshite spent a large part of his career serving as CFO of the Neighborhood Development Center

Teshite helped guide the development of such projects as the Midtown Global Market and was a finalist for ``CFO of the Year`` with Minneapolis St. Paul Business Journal.

Teshite has served on the Budget Advisory Commission to Brooklyn Park since 2016, and is currently the Vice chair.

Teshite holds a Master of Accountancy from St. Mary's University, and a Master of Science in Administration from Andrews University in MI, as well as several coursework credentials from Carlson School of Management.

``I was born in Oromo, Ethiopia, and the tree you see in my logo is the Odaa tree—a symbol from my country of origin. This tree illustrates how trees, roots, and leaves all ultimately depend on each other to thrive. Brooklyn Park is also known as Tree City. I find trees to be a powerful symbol of what can happen when systems work together for progress and growth.``

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Brooklyn Park has 6 council members and a mayor. While all districts vote for our mayor, council members are voted
in by district (two members per district). Districts are divided into Central (Teshite’s district), East and West.

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What do you love about living in Brooklyn Park? What concerns you? What are you looking for from City Hall? We want to hear from you! Please contact us, then check out for some of the issues important to Teshite

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