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I am a twenty year resident of Brooklyn Park. During my time here I have worked tirelessly to create the Brooklyn Park we deserve — one that is prepared for the challenges of our future, and poised for the opportunities.
Changes are happening rapidly throughout Minnesota and throughout the world. We need proactive, expert leadership that will plan for change instead of react to it. People who will lead us to a thriving, vibrant, inclusive and successful future. I ask you for your vote to Brooklyn Park City Council, Central District.


Meet Teshite

I spent a large part of my career serving as CFO of the Neighborhood Development Center, where I helped guide the development of such projects as the Midtown Global Market and was a finalist for "CFO of the Year" with Minneapolis St. Paul Business Journal. I have served on the Budget Advisory Commission to Brooklyn Park since 2016, and am currently the chair. I hold a Master of Accountancy from St. Mary's University, and a Master of Science in Administration from Andrews University in MI, as well as several coursework credentials from Carlson School of Management.

My story 

I was born in Oromo, Ethiopia, and the tree you see in my logo is the Odaa tree—a symbol from my country of origin. This tree illustrates how trees, roots, and leaves all ultimately depend on each other to thrive. Brooklyn Park is also known as Tree City. I find trees to be a powerful symbol of what can happen when systems work together for progress and growth. More about Teshite

Know the Issues Teshite cares about

The experience Brooklyn Park deserves. The leadership it needs.

Economic Development

Brooklyn Park needs smart, strategic leadership to guide its development policy. Our small businesses are the heartbeat of Brooklyn Park, but they need more support. Neighboring cities do far more to attract and retain small businesses, and this must be remedied. Small businesses grow our tax base and reduce tax burden on homeowners. They provide much-needed local work (small businesses are far more likely to hire locally). And they preserve our local flavor and community feeling. 

Safe, Liveable Affordable Housing.

There is currently a gap between where our housing needs are heading, and our availability of safe, affordable housing. We need to create a vibrant future by making sure Brooklyn Park is a place where young people can afford a first home, where working people can come to live and find housing near their jobs, and where housing supports the health and community connection in our neighborhoods.


Our educational strength is our future. All our kids need recreational opportunities and programs, as well as top-notch educational resources. Our BIPOC kids are struggling in Brooklyn Park, and it is time to address achievement and opportunity gaps. Let's create a Brooklyn Park where all children can have access to fresh air, recreation, and a strong education that develops their highest potential.

Diversity. Inclusion. Racial Justice.

Brooklyn Park is changing, and issues of inclusion, exclusion, tension and togetherness arise every day. We need to shift the idea that people advance only at others' expense, and understand that like the trees in this Tree City, all the branches must work together if we are to truly thrive. It is time to address and heal racial injustice and disparities in our city. I will work tirelessly for a more just, equitable, and accessible future that fully includes our BIPOC, LGBTQ, disabled and other communities.

Public Safety

Everyone deserves to feel safe in Brooklyn Park, whether they live here or come here for work. Public safety and support for effective policing must be a top priority for our city. At the same time, we need transparent, accountable, and community-oriented law enforcement. Officers, leadership and staff need to be able to work together with all our residents, and honor the pledge to "protect and serve" all people safely. We are currently lacking in data collection and transparency in our policing. To effectively support the profession and identify growth areas, we need to bolster our ability to create data-driven decisions, training, and programming.

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